Intrinsic Activity — Policies
Intrinsic Activity is an online, open-access publication medium published by the Austrian Pharmacological Society (APHAR). The Journal welcomes contributions in the fields of Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy and other fields in biomedicine.

Contributions may be of type meeting abstracts, research articles, position papers, commentaries or similar. For submission instructions see the instructions page or contact the editorial office.

Copyright, open access and permission to use:

Articles are published under a Creative Commons license (Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial), that allows reuse subject only to the use being non-commercial and the article being fully attributed.


The Publisher and Austrian Pharmacological Society retain the license that allows publishing of the articles in Intrinsic Activity, any derivative product or any other Intrinsic Activity product (present or future) and allows sub-licensing such rights and exploit all subsidiary rights.


Authors retain the license to use their articles for their own non-commercial purposes, specifically:

  • Posting a pdf of their own article on their own personal or institutional website for which no charge for access is made.
  • Making a reasonable number of copies for personal or non-commercial professional use. This includes the contributors' own teaching activities.
  • Republishing part or all of the article in a book or publication edited by the author (except for multiple publications in the same book or publication).
  • Using individual figures or tables in other publications published by a third party. Extracts of text other than individual phrases or sentences may also be used provided that these are identified as quotations along with giving the appropriate reference to the original publication.
  • Using the article in a course pack or compilation (whether paper or electronic) in the author's institution. This does not apply if a commercial charge is made for the compilation or course.

    Third parties:

    Third parties (other than the Publisher, Austrian Pharmacological Society, or authors) may download, print or store articles published in the journal for their private or professional, non-commercial use. The use of articles published in the journal, or any artwork contained therein, for educational, non-commercial purposes is granted provided that the appropriate reference to the journal and original article is given.

    Commercial use:

    Any commercial use of articles published in Intrinsic Activity requires the permission of the Publisher.

  • Peer review:

    All articles (full papers, consensus statements etc.) to be published must undergo a peer review process. All submissions to Intrinsic Activity will be assessed by the editorial board, which will decide whether the material is suitable for publication in the journal. Only editors without conflicts of interest can take part in the decision. Independent expert reviewers will be chosen either by the editorial board or by collaborating scientific organisations (see Reviewers, below). The editors will make a decision on the basis of the reviewers’ reports. Authors are required to address all points raised in these reports.

    Closed review, open review:

    As a general rule, reviewers will remain anonymous and their reports will not be published. Alternatively, a collaborating scientific society may opt for an open review process, where submitting authors receive the named review reports. In this case, the reviewers’ names (the ‘lecture board’) will be published together with the final publication.


    Authors may suggest potential reviewers when submitting the manuscript. Information on the suggested individuals should also be provided by the authors so that the credential of potential reviewers can be verified by the editorial board. Authors may also suggest to exclude certain individuals from the review process, but should give specific reasons for this. In any case the editorial board is completely free in its choice of reviewers.

    Review by collaborating scientific organisations:

    Especially in cases where consensus statements are submitted that have been prepared for a collaborating scientific society, the primary review process will remain in the responsibility of that organisation, so that only consensus statements that are supported by this organisation will be considered. Nevertheless, the editorial board of Intrinsic Activity reserves the right for the final decision on whether or not to accept the submitted material for publiation.


    Any material submitted to the journal will be strictly kept confidential. All members of the editorial staff as well as all reviewers are required to follow the principles of confidentiality thourghout the editorial and review process. Manuscripts may not be shared with any third parties outside Intrinsic Activity, except in suspected cases of scientific misconduct where an official enquiry takes place.


    Currently, Intrinsic Activity publishes articles in English or German language. Manuscripts in other languages may be acceptable, provided that a proper evaluation by the editorial board and expert reviewers can be ensured (presently, this would be possible also for French and Italian).

    Any full papers written in a language other than English require an English abstract, which will be published together with the article. Alternatively, by agreement with the authors or copyright owners, the editorial board can compile an English abstract from the summarising section(s) of the article; such editorial abstracts will be published as supplementary material to the published articles and will be available through the article’s web address and will therefore be accessible from the same DOI.

    Publication fees:

    In no way, payment of the publication fee shall influence the journal’s decision to accept a manuscript submitted for publication. Once reviewed and accepted, the following publication fees (standard fees) apply:

    Abstract Suplement isssues:

    The standard fee for abstract supplement issues is a flat fee of 500 € for up to 25 abstracts. Any further abstract is charged at 15 € per abstract.

    Articles (Full papers, Position papers, etc.):

    The standard fee for articles is a flat fee of 500 € for up to 10 pages (based on the formatted pdf version). Any further page is charged at 40 € per page.

    Waiver policies:

    In special circumstances the Publisher may reduce or waive publication fees. Decisions are made on an individual basis for each case. Please contact the Editorial Office for more information.

    Ethical principles, misconduct and conflicts of interest:

    Intrinic Activity follows the COPE principles of transparency and best practice in schoolarly publishing. All of the journal’ contents are open access; specific rules explaining author rights are detailed under Copyright, open access and permission to use.

    Authors also are expected to to follow these principles. In particular, ghost authorship or ‘honorary’ authorship is not acceptable. The corresponding author must ascertain tht all co-authors have read and approved the manuscript that is submitted to the journal. Studies on humans or animals require the prior permission by the respective ethics committes, proof of which must be provided on request. Research articles, position / consensus statements etc. must cite appropriate literature in support of all claims and statements made that are basd on external sources, i. e. not the authors’ own new data presented in the submitted manuscript. Text quoted from other authors must be clearly indicated as such and the appropriate citation must be given.

    In cases of suspected research or publication misconduct, the Editor might have to contact, and share materials with, third parties, such as author(s) institutions and ethics committee(s) (see also Data protection). Authors submitting full articles, expert or consensus statements, particularly in the field of pharmacotherapy etc., must provide statements on potential conflicts of interests as part of their manuscripts.


    The Publisher, the Austrian Pharmacological Society and Editor(s) cannot be held responsible for errors or consequences arising from the use of information contained in this journal. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Publisher, Austrian Pharmacological Society or Editor(s). Neither does the publication of advertisements constitute any endorsement by the Publisher, Austrian Pharmacological Society or Editor(s) of the products advertised.

    DOIs and archiving:

    Intrinsic Activity, Editor(s) and Publisher (Austrian Pharmacological Society) are committed to keeping all contents of the journal permanently available. Digital object indentifiers (DOIs) are made avaiable for all its content, ensuring that content will remain accessible even in case that web locations might change. All content shall be securely backed up to protect from data loss.

    Data protection:

    Materials submitted to the journal during the submission, review and publication process will remain on file in order to allow the settlement of questions relating with the publication procedures should such questions arise. All materials on file, however, will be treated as strictly cofindential (see Peer Review, Confidentiality above). No personal data of authors will be stored by the journal except those that are included in the final publication itself.

    The Data Protection Guideline of the Austrian Pharmacological Societgy APHAR applies.


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